Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club
A Brief History…

The Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club was started in 1966 by a bunch of guys that just wanted to go sledding. Remember Bob Crawford or Doug Single? Okay, one of them owned North Surrey Equipment and he was selling Ski-Doo's at that time but what a great idea! Back then, there were approximately 52 manufacturers and numerous sled designs. Did you know that Columbia Equipment on Grandview and Rupert in Vancouver was selling “Bolen” sleds? B-o-l-e-n Okay they were a bit of “dog” but nevertheless someone was buying and having fun in the snow!

Meetings were held in various “free” locations throughout the lower mainland until the early 70's when a membership due was collected. The initial fee was only $5.00 and the proceeds went towards renting a room at
the Seaforth Elementary School on Winston Street in Burnaby. This paved the way for regular club meetings to start and for ten months starting in September, members gathered on the first Wednesday of every month until
the following June. What would we do without our meetings? The best place to share our riding adventures and well, someone has to bring up those memorable incidents… yeah, you know who did you know what! ha-ha

So how many members joined this club? By the mid-70's, membership climbed to 265 with 80-90 members attending each meeting. By 1976, the club was registered in Victoria as a non-profit organization. At that
time, our main sledding area was Burke Mountain and we shared that location with cross country skiers and 4x4ers. From there, we moved on to Blue Mountain behind Haney for a short while until an opportunity arose near Manning Park but that wasn't our current location. We had to move around a bit more before we
finally landed where we are today. As crazy as it sounds, the BC government actually gave us the bottom of Cypress in West Vancouver… what a great idea if you only want to sled every 20 years or so! I don't think we ever went there…

Today the club has evolved into a group of responsible members with ample snowmobiling experience and of course, many, many hours under our reliable kidney belts. We are a family oriented group, always willing to welcome new members …experienced or not! Our goal is to enjoy the sport without incident to our welling being, that of others, or the environment. Of course, no one intentionally damages their snowmobiles$$$ we support the Ride Safe Program. Likewise, we fundraise for a worthy cause e.g. Childrens' Charity, and
lobby to keep our sport active in B.C. So if you are interested, come check us out sometime and consider joining to support the Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club.