Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club
A Brief Introduction…

The Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club was started in
1966 by a bunch of guys that just wanted to go sledding.

Today the club has evolved into a group of responsible
members with ample snowmobiling experience and of
course, many, many hours under our reliable kidney
belts. We are a family oriented group, always willing to
welcome new members …experienced or not! Our goal is
to enjoy the sport without incident to our well being,
that of others, or the environment. Of course, no one
intentionally damages their snowmobiles$$$ we support
the Ride Safe Program. Likewise, we fund raise for a
worthy cause e.g. Children's Charity, and lobby to keep
our sport active in B.C. So if you are interested, come
check us out sometime and consider joining to support
the Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club.